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As our name Fusion Analytics Investment Partners LLC suggests we look to fuse the two widely followed investment disciplines of fundamental and technical analysis into a more cohesive money management solution. Our investment methodology is simple: leverage technology, key financial data points and advanced mathematics to create proprietary, proactive investment solutions that remove emotion and allow for more informed decision making.
Each day Fusion Analytics computes a rigorous computational assessment on a variety of historically tested data points with predictive return value such as price momentum, cash flow and sales growth (to name just a few) for all stocks on the major US stock exchanges. Additionally other factors including the direction, magnitude and momentum of earnings as well as valuation are incorporated giving Fusion Analytics a way to without bias track, rate and grade companies each day as potential investment candidates.
One factor often overlooked in many investment methodologies though arguably the most important factor is risk management. At Fusion Analytics we apply rigorous risk management strategies once portfolios have been assembled to limit downside draw downs. Additionally with our proactive management style we conduct regular portfolio reviews to ensure we dynamically rebalance portfolios for changes in market conditions as well as changes in underlying holdings. The result of this regular pruning is an exercise to hold onto the strongest portfolio holdings while eliminating the laggards that could dampen returns.
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